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New Environment Inc.'s new C.E.R.T.S. Program now gives you more control over how your training classes are conducted. Using our C.E.R.T.S. program your students now have the ability to complete their training using our “Self-Study” courses. These courses can be used by your trainees in an individual self-paced format or as part of your overall training program. They are a special voice-over version of the training courses that have been broken down into instructional modules. Simply hand the student a course workbook and the C.E.R.T.S. CD, when the course is done they will bring completion paperwork back to you for transmission to NEI.

Computer Training

With the C.E.R.T.S. Program you also gain access to our library of online training courses! For the same price as a set of classroom student material you can have a student go through an online version of the course anywhere in the world. This online version offers you another level of control as you don’t need to provide a workbook to the student and you are able to track their progress through the course. All the required paperwork for certification is sent to NEI automatically when the course is completed.

The flexibility of the C.E.R.T.S. package allows you to quickly and efficiently train employees who are unable to attend one of your live training seminars. You will save time and money by allowing students to take all or part of the training on their own. Upon completion you receive the same third party certification from New Environment as you receive when you teach a live class.

Disk 1: 40-hour Hazardous Waste Worker-B / 24-hour E.R. Technician-B For Self-Paced Presentation

Screen Shot Module 1: History Of The Laws
Module 2: Introduction To Industrial Toxicology
Module 3: Reference Materials
Module 4: Oxidizers
Module 5: Site Hazards
Module 6: Exposures
Module 7: Planning and Organizing
Module 8: Training
Module 9: Decontamination
Module 10: Atmosphere Supplying Respirators
Module 11: Air Purifying Respirators
Module 12: Chemical Protective Clothing
Module 13: Site Control
Module 14: Decontamination
Module 15: Drums & Containers
Module 16: Site Emergencies
Module 17: Hazard Communication Glossary
Module 18: Homework Review & Final Test
29CFR 1910.120 Regulations
Example of a Site Safety and Health Plan

Disk 2: 8-hour Hazardous Waste Supervisor / 8-hour E.R. Incident Commander For Self-Paced Presentation

Screen Shot Module 1: Regulation Overview
Module 2: Site Safety Plan
Module 3: Reference Material Exercise
Module 4: Hazard Assessment
Module 5: OSHA Standard 1910.146
Module 6: Medical Monitoring
Module 7: Personal Protective Equipment
Module 8: Site Control
Module 9: Air Monitoring
29CFR 1910.120 Regulations
29CFR 1910.146 Regulations
Example of a Site Safety and Health Plan

Disk 3: 8-hour Hazardous Waste Refresher A / 8-hour E.R. Refresher A For Self-Paced Presentation

Screen Shot Module 1: Regulation Overview
Module 2: Hazard Assessment
Module 3: Fire and Explosion
Module 4: Oxygen Deficiency
Module 5: Potential Site Hazards
Module 6: Reference Material Exercise
Module 7: OSHA Standard 1910.146
Module 8: Medical Monitoring
Module 9: Air Monitoring
Module 10: Respiratory Protection
Module 11: Chemical Protective Clothing
Module 12: Site Control
Module 13: Decontamination
Module 14: Site Emergencies
29CFR 1910.120 Regulations

Disk 4: 8-hour Hazardous Waste Refresher B / 8-hour E.R. Refresher B For Self-Paced Presentation

Screen Shot Module 1: HAZWOPER Overview
Module 2: Hazard Classes
Module 3: Hazard Assessment
Module 4: Fire and Explosion
Module 5: Oxygen Deficiency
Module 6: Biological Hazards
Module 7: General Hazards
Module 8: Electrical Hazards
Module 9: Heat Stress
Module 10: Cold Exposure
Module 11: Noise Exposure
Module 12: Reference Exercise
Module 13: OSHA Standard 1910.146
Module 14: Respiratory Protection
Module 15: Levels Of Protection
Module 16: Site Control
Module 17: Decontamination
Module 18: Teamwork
29CFR 1910.120 Regulations

Disk 5: 8-hour Confined Space Safety For Self-Paced Presentation

Screen Shot Module 1: Regulation Overview
Module 2: OSHA Standard 1910.146
Module 3: Training: Chemical Exposure
Module 4: Training: Fire and Explosion
Module 5: Training: Oxygen Deficiency
Module 6: Training: Additional Hazards
Module 7: Training: Signs and Symptoms
Module 8: Use Of Equipment
Module 9: Conclusion
Module 10: Appendix A: Flow Chart
Module 11: Appendix B: Pre-Entry Check List
Module 12: Appendix C: Sample Entry Permit
29CFR 1910.146 Regulations

Disk 6: Department of Transportation HM-126F For Self-Paced Presentation

Screen Shot Module 1: Background
Module 2: Regulation Overview
Module 3: Hazardous Material Classes
Module 4: Container Markings
Module 5: Loading And Unloading
Module 6: Hazardous Materials Tables
Module 7: Hazardous Material Exercise
Module 8: Hazardous Waste Manifest
Module 9: Straight Bill Of Landing
Module 10: 704 Marking System
Module 11: Hazard Communication
Module 12: Emergency Response Guidebook
Module 13: Personal Protective Equipment
Module 14: Hazardous Materials Definitions
Module 15: Appendix
Module 16: Security Awareness

Disk 7: 2-hour Hazard Communication For Self-Paced Presentation

Screen Shot Module 1: Regulation Overview
Module 2: The Standard
Module 3: Labeling
Module 4: Material Safety Data Sheet
Module 5: Summary and Application
Module 6: Hazard Communication Glossary
29CFR 1910.1200 Regulations

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